From atoms to zoology and everything in between, we create fun learning experiences for your child

We use a student led, inquiry based approach to guide students through exciting classes packed full of unforgettable experiments designed to be performed in the comfort of your own home. From one-on-ones, to play-dates or even parties, custom lessons with Matter Labs are sure to make any occasion a delight.

8 Week Courses: 1 to 4 students


What's the matter?

ages 4 - 6

Everything that we experience in our world is made of matter. Your child will compare, contrast, experiment with, and answer questions about a variety of different materials as they begin to explore the world around them.

Matter 101: Solids

Matter 102: Liquids

Matter 103: Mixtures

Chemical connections

ages 6 - 12

Students conduct a series of experiments to explore chemical reactions using a variety of exciting molecules, mixtures, and mediums. Using laboratory tools, they learn and investigate the basic properties of many common household chemicals. 

Chem 101: Intro to Chem

Chem 102: Investigative Chemistry

Chem 103: Advanced Chemistry

eclectic electric

ages 6 - 12

We will explore simple circuits and create the functional systems that make up many common electronic devices. Your child will perform experiments investigating the various principles of electrical energy and magnetism to recreate and manipulate the very systems that impact our daily lives.

Elec 101: Circuits and Magnetism

Elec 102: Advanced Circuits

Elec 103: Coding (Coming Soon)

Pricing varies. Please contact for more details.

A La Carte Courses: 1 to 10 students




ages 5 - 12

Let's learn about the amazing world of polymers! Your child will choose from a variety of ingredients to create their very own slime formulas!


ages 6 - 12

Let's explore chemical reactions! Your child will perform a series of experiments investigating a mystery chemical in hopes of discovering its identity.


DNA Detectives

ages 8 - 12

All living things store their genetic material in DNA. From fruits to their very own cheek cells, your child will work to purify DNA in a quest to discover the building blocks of life.

Pricing varies. Please contact for more details.