Founded by biochemist and educator Monique Garraud, Matter Labs was born from her passion to make learning science fun and accessible for all


One of my fondest childhood memories was coming home after a long day of school, flipping on the TV and immersing myself in a world of science adventures! I've always been fascinated by shows like The Magic School Bus and Bill Nye the Science Guy and how they made learning science feel effortless. These shows influenced me to want to learn more. I took this passion for science to Cornell University where I earned a BS in biology and later an MS in medical biology at CW Post.

Who would have guessed that two decades after sitting cross legged in front of a TV and drinking up educational programming, I would become a scientist myself? For over 10 years, I had the privilege of co-leading a biotechnology lab focused on the development of cutting edge cancer treatments. It was a very cool experience to be a part of science in action.

Now I feel it's time to take all that I've learned and reinvest in our youth. Matter Labs was started as a way to show kids what Ms. Frizzle showed me so long ago: it's easy to have fun while learning about our wondrous world.